DIO Trilogy - Tribute to the Music of Ronnie James Dio

Graham - VocalsDio Trilogy are the UK's tribute to the Music of Ronnie James Dio and as the name suggests our live performances are based on Dio's career panning three eras from  Rainbow , Black Sabbath  and Dio but  don't be surprised if we do include material from Elf and Heaven and Hell as well.   
Forming a tribute to such a great performer like Ronnie James Dio is no easy task. In addition to his unique and skilful vocal style, Ronnie has played in bands with some of the best and most influential and respected musicians in rock/metal history.The band members of Dio trilogy are a group of musicians that are able to play at the highest level to reproduce the sound and with Graham Knight’s showmanship not only do we pay tribute to the music of Ronnie we try to give an audience an experience that will bring back memories of Ronnie's monumental concert experiences.

Ronnie James Dio who sang songs about dragons, castles, demons, witches and magic and yet when interviewed spoke with in a very lucid, clear, intelligent and down to earth way

and....Long Live Rock 'n' Roll.....Long Live the Music Of Ronnie James Dio