BLACK SABBATH / HEAVEN AND HELL  -   1979-1982 / 1991-1993 / 2006-PRESENT


While making considerations of a solo band after his time in Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio was contacted by Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi. This eventually lead to the writing of Children Of The Sea and the formation of a new era for the band Black Sabbath.

The band went to Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, Florida, as well as to Studio Ferber in Paris, France with producer Martin Birch, where the newest Sabbath album surfaced under the title Heaven And Hell. The album was received quite well by both critics and the fans, and proved to be one of the top sellers for band's span of releases.

Black Sabbath went on to participate in making the backing sound track for an animated movie called Heavy Metal which featured what would become the band's next release: Mob Rules.

Issues with post recording processes on the next live release, Live Evil, meant the downfall of the band in this incarnation. Only to reform a decade later to produce a more modern hard hitting album called Dehumanizer. Likewise one of the album tracks was featured on the motion picture Wayne's World, prompting further global success for the band.

This proved short lived when Sabbath reformed under its original vocalist and Ronnie reformed the band DIO.

In late 2006, the Dio-fronted Black Sabbath reunited again, this time calling themselves "Heaven and Hell" after the 1980 album of the same name. The band created three new songs, which were released on Black Sabbath: The Dio Years in 2007, accompanied by a world tour, which resulted in a live CD and DVD "Live from Radio City Music Hall".

Currently this lineup is putting the finishing touches on their new album "The Devil You Know" and will be touring around the world again in 2009.

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